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  • Ralf Schmidt

Green Hydrogen

Northern Germany is becoming the center for green hydrogen in Europe with the HY-5 initiative.

Green hydrogen will be an important energy source as well as base substance for the production of ammonia to work together to avoid climate change. Germany is investing EUR 7 bn to develop and internationalize the market. With its high renewable energy capacity, Northern Germany is the ideal place to produce and develop green hydrogen and required technologies. Several hundred companies, organizations and universities are involved in the Northern German green hydrogen strategy. The green hydrogen can for example be used as:

  • Energy source used in fuel cells for hydrogen-powered transportation;

  • Energy storage medium that allows to store renewable energy and helps to better balance energy supply and demand;

  • Base substance for producing green ammonia, which for example can be used for the production of fertilizers. It can also be an important fuel to de-carbonize shipping. Importantly, it has been shown that existing marine engines can be retrofitted.

  • Base substance for industrial production processes, such as primary steel manufacturing.

Watch the webinars here:

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